Revox Toothed Counter Belt A77 B77 PR99
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Revox Toothed Counter Belt A77 B77 PR99

Nagravox now stocks a range of belts and globes for all Revox tape machines.

The white toothed counter belt is used on the A77, B77 and PR99 as part of the tape counter assembly. It connects the counter idler wheel (which in turn connects to the brake drum via the long black belt - sold separately) with the actual counter gear mechanism. LOOK UNDERNEATH the counter to see it!

The toothed counter belt is an item that needs replacing at least every 5 years. It gets brittle and is commonly broken on most old machines. We offer a freshly manufactured new replacement belt. Please note these are not NOS - they are brand new fresh manufactured in Europe.   2nd hand or NOS belts are seriously a waste of time and money.

You may ask why is such a small seemingly insignificant belt so expensive. Good question I have asked myself time and again. However in my usual fashion I am onto it and am investigating other manufacturers that could perhaps do me a short production run at a reasonable price. In the interim I offer the above.

SUGGESTION: replace both the toothed short white belt and long black belt at the same time. The long black belt is not as expensive - please see our other listings. We also have belts for the A700 and F36, G36.

Note: ONLY the white toothed counter belt is included in this sale.

PLEASE NOTE: On some batch of counters (later particularly A77 ) Revox did away with the white counter belt. Check to see if your counter has one - take off the counter and look underneath. (see photo).



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